Chicagotería: the intersect of Latinx Chicago culture

Chicagotería is a project that began in 2013 by illustrator and designer Grae Galindo (fka Missy Rosa). It is a Chicago version of Lotería, the iconic Mexican game of chance. Each illustration is based on Grae's experiences growing up Latinx in a city they hold dear to their heart. Their goal is to complete all 54 card illustrations and create a game we can all enjoy playing.

Grae Galindo Rosa is a Chicago native raised in a Mexican/Puerto Rican household. Immersed in Latinx culture they learned to appreciate their ethnicity and understood the importance it played in cultivating their identity as a Latinx Chicagoan. Their creativity is solely inspired and nurtured by their experience in the city.

Grae is a queer, non-binary, self-taught illustrator with a BFA in Graphic Design from UIC and a proud product of Chicago Public Schools.

Pronouns: they/them